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DropStop® Features

wine glassThe product offers the following features:

  • 100% effective - Prevents drops from happening.
  • Convenient and easy to use - just roll up the DropStop® and slip it into the neck of the bottle.
  • Reusable - After use simply rinse under the tap. DropStop® can be used for several years.
  • Ideal gift or promotional product. Can be overprinted with name and logo.
  • DropStop® discs are known and used by wine lovers throughout the world. Millions of discs have been sold world-wide.


Technical Information

We use digital printing technology to print your choice of design. Whether you want a short statement, your logo or a full colour image, we  will print it – also on the packaging if you prefer. The ink on DropStop® will not get in contact with the wine due to the production technology we use. This gives us the following advantages:

  • low quantity per customized DropStop® (250 minimum order)
  • sandwich print - no food contact with the ink
  • no printing blocks required
  • colour printing enabling full colour imprint and logo  imprint
  • short delivery time
  • ideal for campaigns.

Thus we are able to deliver smaller quantities in several colours at a lower cost. This makes DropStop® an even better idea for promotion marketing for all sorts of companies.

Guide for preparation of correct artwork
for imprinting DropStop®

We can be of assistance in this area:

  • The artwork must be made as an EPS file (convertible with Illustrator 8).
  • The artwork must be made in only one programme (preferably Illustrator, don’t use PageMaker or Power Point).
  • Use CMYK colours. The print will be in CMYK and there may occur a slightly difference from Pantone-colours).
  • Specify placement of logo if it does not clearly emerge.
  • The diameter of the disc is 76,2 mm, the outer 3 mm cannot be printed.
  • DropStop® + patent number is ALWAYS printed at the bottom of the disc. This takes up approx. 8 mm in the height and 45 mm in the width.
  • If the logo is screened you must define the resolution yourself. The screen fields must be defined per cent.
  • Pictures must be scanned in 300 DPI/” (size 1:1).
  • Lines and logo must be scanned in 1200 DPI/” (size 1:1).
  • All fonts must be converted to curves (not as text).
  • Send job and all underlying files.
  • The file must be compressed with WINZIP or STUFIT.


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