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About Us

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Cáirde Enterprises

In 2002, Anne Marie Keogh discovered a flexible disc hanging from the neck of a Spanish wine bottle in a Toronto store. She purchased the bottle and then went back to get 2 more bottles, so as to have three discs, as they proved to be invaluable when pouring wine. The name of the wine is still clearly imprinted in Anne Marie’s memory as she saw it for years every time she reused the discs. This was powerful, creative and consumer-focused advertising and she wondered why Canadian companies couldn’t do the same for their business and social events!

In 2005, Cáirde Enterprises brought the Offical DropStop® to Canada. It is the Canadian distributor for SCHUR Inventure, a company based in Denmark who holds the patent world-wide. Located in Toronto, Cáirde Enterprises travels directly to your business and ships across the country.

We can help you promote your wine product with flair and ingenuity. These amazing wine pourers (DropStop®) can be printed with your company or social logo. They make excellent gifts for your customers or can be part of a package that you produce for an event such as a wine tasting, trade show, food and wine pairing dinner or wedding.

Cáirde Enterprises belongs to the following associations:

  Canadian Professional Sales Association  
  Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association  
  Danish Canadian Chamber of Commerce  
  Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto  
  Canadian Women's Business Network  
  Small Business Club of Niagara  
  Women in Niagara  

DropStop® History

The DropStop® pouring disc was invented by the Danish inventor Brian Vang by coincidence after a minor dining disaster. This unique invention has become a must for those who enjoy wine.

With the DropStop® you will never get stained tablecloths again. Insert the disc in the bottle where it fits tightly against the side of the bottle forming a seal which prevents any liquid from seeping out and the escape of any drops.


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