DropStop® Canada - Packaging

  • Promotion Film Pouch With Insert; for large scale promotions.  Hold 1 to 3 Discs
  • Promotion Film Pouch Without Insert; Hold 1 to 3 Discs
  • Parchment Envelopes; Holds 1 to 2 discs.  Can be sealed or attached to another document/brochure
  • Folding Cards - Neutral; Holds 1 to 5 discs.  Standard white tri-fold card with DropStop Instructions
  • Folding Cards - Printed; Holds 1 to 5 discs.  Personalized with your message inside and outside
  • Mini Disc Case; Holds 1 to 20 discs.  It can be purchased as a standard item or personalized for your business or event
  • Neckhanger; It can be plain as shown here or printed to your specifications in 1 to 4 colours.  It holds 1 to 2 discs
  • Round neck hanger on bottle
  • Catering Pack; Holds 50 DropStop discs.  The catering pack can be filled with a standard catering disc or with your own personalized DropStop®. This pack is tailor made for the catering industry – restaurants, cafes, hotels etc.
  • All in one disc
  • All in one Neckhanger and Disc
  • All in one Neckhanger and Disc
  • Packaging Mini CD Case
  • Trifold Closed Neckhanger
  • Wine Breather in Folding Card
  • WineBreather in Neckhanger
  • Packaging Disc & Neckhanger
  • Tri-fold
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